Service de vin au verre pour les professionnels
Service de vin au verre pour les professionnels

Self service option for wine dispenser : run all your wine dispensers as you need

Accueil 9 Self service option for wine dispenser : run all your wine dispensers as you need

The wine dispenser AdvineoShop can be connected and managed with Advineo Soft to let your customers help themsleves with a tasting card

Advineoshop self-service wine by the glass dispenser

an original concept

Offer you customers to help themselves thanks to Advineo self service wine dispensers solutions

Experience self service tasting cards

Create an original concept and enhance customers satisfaction and loyalty by using self-service solutions based on prepaid or postpaid cards

Innovative solutions, adaptable to all hospitality businesses

Discover Advineo solutions fot wine by the glass : really innovative and easily adaptable to all businesses : Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts, Bars, Wine bars and Tasting Rooms, etc.

How does a wine dispenser work ?

Log in to the wine dispenser

Scan your wine card at the QR Code reader in front of the machine

Press the service button

Position your glass under the pourer, select the serve volume (1 or 2 choices : taste and glass) and press on the selected service button (1 or 2 buttons depending on the wine dispenser model)


The preset wine dose is automatically served and your account is charged accordingly

Thanks to Advineo Soft run all your dispensers as you need

4 possible types of self-service operation:

  • Connected to POS system: POS triggers authorisation to serve the ordered wine volume
  • Tasting wine card: enabes to offer customers a defined number of pre-set tasting or services
  • Prepaid wine card: allocate a sum on a card which is deducted as customers help themselves
  • Post-paid card: customers help themsleves and pay for drinks with the bill

These 4 operating modes can coexist on the same installation

Customers’ cards

Several identification modes are possible: barcode, QR codes or RFID

Advineo Soft includes the following features:

  • Wine database: prices, description, setting of serving rules
  • Customers: management of contact details and customer ID cards numbers
  • Wine volumes may be configured by location and wine. Restrictions may be defined per user and period
  • Display of wines, prices and credit levels on an external, customisable screens
  • 100% traceability: access to service logs and export possibility in order to analyse and process data

What if you try self service Advineo solutions?

Using self-service wine dispenser is a very innovative concept that leverages wine sales, bu still rarely installed. It is a key differenciatior vs competitors with a very fast Return On Investment. Here are some ideas of applications to your business:

You’re running a wine shop: offer your customers a permanent tasting of several wines. Your customers will enjoy using their loyalty cards or wine tasting cards to serve themsleves.

You run an hotel : give your customers access to wines byt the glass when they wish, by simply using their room key as an ID card to serve themselves a glass of wine.

In your restaurant : give your customers a self-service card when they arrive and let them serve themsleves their glasses of wines. You will acees to the list of their consumptions by reading the card when preparing the bill.

In your bar : improve customers loyalty by offering loyalty card that can be pre-charged with the budget they choose to consume wines by the glass whenever they want to.
You run a winery : create a tasting room where your customers will take time to taste and enjoy your wines, based on their own selection or offer them tasting card with to be used on a define wine tasting course to better guide them and surprise them.

You run a cafeteria an you would like offering your customers top-of-the-range wines: self-service wine by the glass is the appropriate solution that will perfectly fit your organization

Our turnkey solutions perfectly fit your concept and purposes and embody our corporate values: offering our customers simple, efficient and affordable solutions.

Discover our range of wine dispenser AdvineoShop

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