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Preservation and Professional Service
perfect measures and temperature
Nitrogen wine preservation up to 21 days. 4 bottles ready for serving, 8 bottles in storage. 1 or 2 service temperature areas. A or 2 measures per nozzle, independantly and electronically adjustable.

Showcase and Style
to show off your bottles of wine served by the glass
Transparent window front and rear : easy to install, standalone, on a bar or against a wall. Color changing LED lighting.

Simple and Pratical
Easy to use, rapid bottle change. Designed for a daily intensive use. Law gas consumption. Easy and fast maintenance.

Service + Advineo : availability, speed and efficiency

How does a wine dispenser work ?

Press on the service button

Position your glass under the pourer and press on the selected service button.


The preset wine dose is being poured.


Opened bottles are preserved fo 3 weekds thanks to the nitrogen gaz, at the right temperature.

 AdvineoShop wine dispenser design

A wine dispenser that you can customise according to your real needs

  • Choose 1 or 2 doses per bottle
  • Choose your abiant light with RGB Leds
  • Choose the color of the sides of your wine dispenser (optionnal)
  • We offer a large range of colors to customize your wine dispenser for a perfect fit with your architecture.

AdvineoShop wine dispenser 4 bottles

The perfect merchandising tool to showcase your wines and increase your revenues

  • The transparent windows front but also rear offer large possibilities to install your wine dispenser, wherever you whant and not only against a wall!
  • Use RGB LED to choose the right color that fits to your ambiance
  • AdvineoShop is designed as a display, to attract your clients’attention and make them want to taste you wines by the glass

    To assess your Return on Investiment : please contact us

wine dispenser glass handler partition wall

Options and accessories to improve your day to day life

  • 2 Temperatures partition wall : The transparent removable partition wall developped by Advineo is designed to create 2 temperatures areas inside the wine dispenser : a tempered area for 2 or 3 bottles of red wine, and a cold area for 1 or 2 bottles of white or rose wines, 7°C colder thant the tempered area.
  • Glass handler : Advineo has designed an adjustable glass handler to preposition a glass under each pourer. This is the perfect tool to save time, improve efficiency and offer a real professionnal service.

AdvineoShop wine dispenser for wine by the glass

By optional equipment : adapt your wine dispenser to self service:

  • Discover our solutions with prepaid, postpaid or tasting cards
  • The ideal tool for wine bars, tasting areas or restaurants that aim at offering their customers to taste themsleves a large range of wines by the glass
  • The ideal tool for hotels to offer wines to their customers every hour of every day thanks to their hotel room key


“We have decided to use AdvineoShop wine dispenser to developp and expand wine by the glass and to offer our customers a higher quality and range of your wines and offer. Since then we’ve tripled our sales of wines by the glass! We are delighted with AdvineoShop wine dispenser…” Maximo et Guillermo Nunez – La Recoleta – Argentinian Restaurant – Paris

“The wine dispenser AdvineoShop is a great experience both for preservation and for open invitation to come and enjoy tasting wines !  Thanks to our 5 wine dispensers, we’ve solde more than 10 000 glass of wines!” Wine Shop and Wine Bar in Lyon (France)

Brasserie Bocuse L'Ouest - Lyon
Marchand de soif - St-Emilion

Versions and options – AdvineoShop wine dispenser

versions AdvineoShop Wine dispenser


Technical specification wine dispenser



Technical spec.


Installation advice


Quality and warranty



  • HEIGHT : 860 mm
  • WIDTH : 505 mm
  • DEPTH : 340 mm


  • 4 opened bottles, 8 bottles in storage


  • Net weight : 38 kg
  • Pack weight : 52 kg


  • 150 Watts


  • Capacity : 4 opened bottles, 8 bottles in storage
  • Nitrogen supplied by removable bottle


  • Electronic dosing adjustable starting from 2 cl
  • Independant configuration of the measures per nozzle


  • Temperature range from 6)C to 18°C (in ambiant temperatures conditions lower thant 25 °C and hydrogen under 50 %)
  • Optional removable partition for 2 temperatures areas : one tempared area for 2 or 3 bottles of red wine, one cold area for 1 or 2 bottles of rose or white wine 7°C colder.
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Ventilated refrigeration by compressor (cooling fluid R134a)


  • Color changing LED lighting with color dimmer
  • Transparent rear window
  • Optional customisation of the colors and aspects of the sides of the wine dispenser (red, wood, carbon : please contact us for further information)

Distributeur de vin au verre décors personnalisation


  • Access to the bottles secured by lock system
  • Disabling of the “wine service” functio by a separate key
  • Secured access to temperature settings

Do not cover or enclose the system.

Leave at least 50mm free space around the dispenser to avoid technical malfunctions.

In case of built-in installations : please contact us for validation.

12 months warranty

UE Standards

An optional comprehensive “security contract” (duratio from 2 to 4 years depending on choice) covering the following:

  • Extended warranty
  • Annual maintenance visit including cleaning, controls and chaging parts in contact with the wine (pipe and caps) and an operating status report with users.

Know more about wine dispensers

Wine dispensers : Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ 
You have questions about good practices for cleaning and maintaining wine despensers, about the different preservation methodologies and their efficiency,  about what is best between Nitrogen or Argon……. Visit our FAQ :  we collect all questions from our customers. Should you have a specific question, please feel free to contact us.   

A wine dispenser with nitrogen presservation : how does it work?
A wine dispenser not only serves the right measures of wine but also preserves open bottles of wines up to 3 weeks thanks to a neutral gaz – nitrogen. When putting a bottles in the wine dispenser, nitrogen enter into the bottle and forms a protectove coating on the wine’s surface of the wine. The wine is then preserved from the oxygen, preventing any oxidation and ensuring a perfect presservation up to 3 weeks. Nitrogen is supplied by a removable bottle.

What are the benefits of a wine dispenser ?
The wine dispenser is an excellent tool to serve wines by the glass and to preserve open bootles of wine, dedicated to wine professional sellers aiming at developpin wine by the glass of wine tasting : bars, restaurants, hotels, wine stores, wine makers, etc. It is really an efficient way to market wines.

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